Parking Lot Striping

Seal Rite provides complete line striping services, including layouts, lettering, symbols, and more. We use top-quality traffic marking paints. All lines will be the standard 4 inches wide, straight, and uniform. And any stenciled markings will be clear and well-defined. Handicap signage will be applied according to ADA standards (Americans with Disabilities Act).

Whether it is a new parking lot layout on new asphalt or existing asphalt that needs to be re-striped, we can get the job done with excellence for you!




Professional line striping assists your visitors in the safe use of your parking lot. It directs traffic through the proper route of entrance and exit, authorizes parking areas, loading zones, and crosswalks, and defines driving aisles that are wide enough to avoid accidents with cars and pedestrians. Properly designed parking spaces also maximize the number of cars you can safely accommodate.


Improved Property Appearance

Customers appreciate a well-designed and well-marked parking system. The parking lot is the first thing that customers or visitors see and experience. A freshly painted parking lot is an attractive addition to the overall image of your property. First impressions mean a lot!


Arrow Striping in Parking LotSeal Rite Quality

We expertly apply line striping so that it results in consistent, sharp lines with well-defined edges, starts, and stops by using professional striping equipment for the best results.

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