Sports courts resurfacing

Jesica - October 22, 2022
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We do sport resurfacing, taking the old, faded, and cracked courts and making them look like new!

Here’s a little look at the process. We worked with this client to give them a preview of how it would look in which we went back and forth to get the look they wanted for their court.

We work with you to get your Desired color scheme and look for your Court.


Here you can see us apply Resurfacing Material after filling cracks and making sure everything is ready and even for the new look of the court.

Once the resurfacing material is dry and set. We begin by applying the border. 

This is a Pickleball Court and half of a Basketball Court.


What is Sport Court Surfacing?

Just like asphalt (which is the basis for many sport surfaces), the sun and its damaging ultraviolet rays degrade any playing surface. Like in any other place where asphalt or concrete is used, weather and age can cause cracks.

We use products from Sport Master to fill those cracks, level where necessary, and resurface the court. We provide the adequate maintenance for Tennis, Pickleball and Basketball Courts. We make sure that the court is ready by providing the following:

*Crack repair

*Installation of New Post / Repaint Current ones.

*New Nets

*Court Surfacing/ Color Pave

*Painted lines for your desired court.