Seal Coating

Seal Rite has all the up to date professional equipment needed to apply sealer according to the manufacture specifications. We currently operate three different trucks ranging from 550 -1100 gallon spray tanks. We also have a 575 Gallon Squeegee Machine. Our equipment gives us the ability to handle the smallest of jobs to largest of projects with regards to time and cost.


Sealant Specifications

We recommend using a coal tar emulsion sealant mixed to the manufactures specifications. We add sand or slag for a skid resistant surface. We can also include additives that help the sealant dry faster and increases durability and resistance to chemicals such as gas and oil.
Note: It is important for sealant to be mixed according to the manufactures specifications. If too much water is added it will weaken its durability and wear off in a shorter period of time. If the appropriate sand or slag is not added the surface will be unusually slick when rained on which can increase likelihood of customers slipping & falling.

Sealer Products Available

Like all pavement maintenance products, picking the right seal coat material and process for your unique requirements is critical. The amount of traffic, image you desire, time available for application, cost, and many other factors are critical in determining which sealcoating product is right for you. Let us help you chose.

Sealcoat application methods include either or a combination of the following:

  • Hand Broom for cut in around (non-asphalt) curbs, light poles, and stop blocks etc.
  • Professional Hand Spray around grass areas
  • Professional Spray Bar is used for larger parking lots

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